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Welcome to SunRise Maintenance of WNY

Lawn Care Experts in Western New York

Step into a world where your property's care and aesthetics are paramount. At Sunrise Maintenance of WNY, we blend passion with precision, offering a suite of services tailored to reflect the seasons and your unique needs. From vibrant lawns that mirror the freshness of spring to dependable snow removal in winter’s embrace, our commitment remains unfaltering. Discover the Sunrise difference and see how we transform landscapes, one blade of grass and snowflake at a time.

How You Benefit From Choosing Us

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Tailored Excellence: We customize services to fit your property's unique needs.

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Year-Round Care: From lush summers to snowy winters, we've got every season covered.

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Expert Professionals: Our team boasts industry-leading expertise and continuous training.

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Timely Deliverables: We pride ourselves on punctuality, ensuring your property shines on schedule.

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Transparent Communication: Stay informed and engaged with our clear, consistent updates.

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Cost-Effective Solutions: Quality service that maximizes value without compromising results.

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About SunRise Maintenance of WNY

We Are On A Mission

At the heart of Sunrise Maintenance of WNY. lie our foundational pillars—our mission and values. These guiding tenets illuminate our path, shaping our actions and defining our purpose in the realm of property care. They're not just statements, but the very ethos that fuels our passion and dedication. Journey with us as we delve into the essence of who we are and the future we envision.

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Our Values

SunRise Maintenance of WNY vision stretches beyond standard landscaping. We're not just aiming for recognition; we strive to be the gold standard in the industry. Every detail, no matter how minute, reflects our dedication to quality. Our approach to landscaping is both an art and a science, balancing creativity with precision. We're deeply committed to efficient, timely service delivery, ensuring that every project resonates with professionalism and aesthetic excellence. In every endeavor, our goal is to set unparalleled benchmarks in landscaping.

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Our Mission

SunRise Maintenance of WNY isn't just about maintaining landscapes; it's about elevating them. Our mission centers around the profound transformation of our clients' properties, ensuring that every outdoor space we touch not only resonates with beauty but also augments its intrinsic value. But it's not just the end result we focus on; the journey matters immensely. From the initial consultation to the final touches, our goal is to surpass client expectations at every juncture. We believe in a holistic approach, where every step in the process is characterized by commitment, excellence, and a genuine desire to achieve landscaping perfection.


Started as small service frim with  the motto of providing a perfect service to the peoples.


The service firm expanded as a large firm with more number branches all over the country.


Successful firm with the name of best service providers in the across world.

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Our Team

Meet the Landscaping Experts

Behind every perfectly manicured lawn and meticulously cleared snow path stands the backbone of Sunrise Maintenance of WNY: our exceptional team. Comprising of industry veterans, passionate landscapers, and innovative thinkers, our team is dedicated to transforming properties and exceeding client expectations.

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